FotoRus Online

FotoRus Online for PC – Windows and Mac – Free Download

FotoRus Online for PC – Windows and Mac – Free DownloadFotoRus Online is yet one more application for your world of photos and has plenty of different and variable tools and editing features for you. The photo editing tools are easy to find with the many buttons that you can click, so you can perform without a struggle basic editing tasks to any of your photos.

This great app will surprise you with simple navigation and easy to use interface, so FotoRus Online is for any kind of users, it doesn’t really matter if you are a professional or a beginner, you will get comfortable with the app in no time and you will be able to make miracles with any of your photos and pictures like you are a professional. Just show the world everything you want through your eyes, use your vision and all of the great features in this one of a kind application and you will be amazed by how great everything can look.

FotoRus Online also provides a Collage tool, which you can use to select up to five photos together. Of course the maximum is five but you can always use less than five if you want to. Another good thing in FotoRus Online is to drag the photo around for placement or select from many different kinds of templates. Other awesome feature is the option to add text to your photo and apply many kinds of different effects to the text and also resize it, use different fonts sizes or colors.

With FotoRus Online you can do everything that you want to do with a photo, like make it more bright or less or smoothly crop, resize or rotate the picture and of course you can apply many filters with one or two simple clicks, so download it now and have fun.